conveyor And Belt And Roller


Conveyor Belt

Nik Sadra Sanat Cooperative Trade Company is honored to announce that the company is the exclusive sale agent of the products of Sahand and Dena Rubber industries and Kale Conveyor Belt of Turkey, under license of Germany. The different types of Conveyor Belt is provided in different sizes, from 6 to 20 mm. the company also provides the floor cover for gyms and products of Sahand Rubber Industries for the dear customers. To order the products or receiving consulting services for purchase, please contract Nik Sadra Sanat Cooperative Trade Company. 


Fan Belt

  1. Different types of Fan Belts produced by well-known brands
  2. Fan Belts made in Korea: Han Chang Korea and Dongil Korea
  3. Fan Belts made in Germany: Continental AG
  4. Fan Belts made in China, first class: Fortex, Young Sung
  5. Types of timing and V belts
  6. Types of power transmission and V/S belts
  7. Different types of timing belts T5-T10-T20-5M-8M-14M



Types of Caps and Switching Roller Screens

It can be claimed that the roller screens are one of the most important elements in different industries. Of course, their role is very significant in the mines. There are different factors affecting the quality of roller screens, but observing quality related issues including reducing the friction of the surfaces are one of the important issues in selecting the roller screens. In this regard, the products of company including repairable roller screens, with one year guarantee, and also both side chassis drums, conveyor rollers and also rubber cover for roller screens and drams are offered to the industries. All of the roller screens have 5 lyres of dust removers and anti dust and external particles radial shaft seal. All of the roller screens are designed in Germany and the specific roller screens of cement plant have one year guarantee.